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HTCIA New England Chapter Quaterly Meeting - Hybrid - 20221208

HTCIA New England Chapter Quaterly Meeting - Hybrid - 20221208

Thursday, December 8, 2022 (8:00 AM - 1:00 PM) (EST)


Quarterly chapter meeting is both in person and on zoom


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Jesse Spangenberger

Security Consultant/Researcher


Jesse Spangenberger has 20 years of information technology experience expanding government, military and civilian work; 20 years of military experience; and Iraq and Afgan war veteran. Currently, he works for Arctic Wolf Labs developing and implementing network detections across a wide range of complex environments. Jesse holds degrees in Cyber Security, Electronic Repair, and a Master's in Digital Forensics Science from Champlain College.    

The Signal: Investigations into Metadata to Catch Villains    

Metadata the sidekick of any investigation. It is hidden data surrounding any file within any electronics system. Every file people engage with today contains metadata that can be used to enhance investigation. The BTK Killer is probably the most famous case today involving metadata but also cases dealing with contracts and police warrantless searches involve the usage of the data. A dive into Duke Thomas, a.k.a The Signal–a fictional character in the DC Universe trained by Batman and an interest in investigations–will lead down a winding road of understanding an unknown hero and unsung power of metadata. Thomas joined the Batman family during DC Rebirth and remains Gotham’s daylight protector mirroring Batman’s as the Gotham’s nighttime protector. Thomas’ powers of will describe metadata, changing of the data, and following the data. The Signal is the embodiment of metadata and learning how to use this sidekick can greatly help solve the mystery we face in our investigations.    


William G. Mechler

Will has worked in Law Enforcement for 15 years, currently working for the Tampa Police Department.

Will is assigned to the Departments Cyber Crimes Unit and is additionally a member of the Central

Florida ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) Task Force. Will has 1000’s of hours in training pertaining

to online investigations. He has received training from The Federal Bureau of Investigation, National

Security Agency, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Drug Enforcement Administration,

Department of Homeland Security, Florida Department of Law Enforcement as well as many other

Federal, State and Local Government organizations.

He became Certified as Cyber Crime Investigator after completing the FBI’s CICP Course. He also holds

numerous other industry certifications such as: CompTia CySA+, (ISC)2 Certified in Cyber Security (CC)

and Certified Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Associate to name a few.

Will is a contributing member of the FBI’s Cyber Shield Alliance, FBI InfraGard, High Technology Crime

Investigation Association, International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators and the

International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition.

Before a fateful day in 2012, Will never had any desire to even use a computer. That all changed on

October 20, 2012.

On that day in October, Will was involved in an officer involved shooting during a kidnapping attempt.

Will, who was off duty at the time observed the suspect pointing a firearm at a victim while attempting

to kidnap a 5 year old child. He took immediate action by neutralizing the threat. The incident made

national headlines. Will soon found himself getting calls on his unlisted number, emails and knocks on

his front door all for interviews from reporters.

This led him to research how they found his information and what he could do to remove it. He studied

how Google indexed information via the web crawlers as well as focused on how data brokers collected

and distributed your information. He learned the techniques on how to remove his information from

data brokers sites as well as public records. Will also uses many different techniques to be proactive

about keeping the information from repopulating.

Doxing was not a term used commonly back then; but we all now know and fear the potential that

comes with it. To date, Will has taught over 500 Certified Law Enforcement Officers how to remove their

information. He has additionally proactively located approximately 25 public postings of Officer

Throughout the United States who were doxed; none of whom knew their information was posted.

Will also volunteers his free time by leveraging his extensive knowledge of OSINT techniques to locate

missing persons, identify victims of human trafficking and index much of the dark web (TOR Browser


Will is happy to assist with your data removal in exigent or emergency situations.

Doxing and Mitigation Techniques

doxxing with real case examples. Additionally I show them how to find and remove the data.

It’s also highly recommended that everyone have access to a laptop or computer so if they want to start removing some of their stuff real time they can.

Full Description:

Doxing or “Doxxing” means and can be applied to many different subjects. Today’s brief course is going

to focus on personal information being posted on the internet by bad actors. In 2022 it takes little more

than a google search of your name to find some piece of the puzzle. By using that initial search and then

applying some advanced google techniques the puzzle starts to come together a little more. Now lets

add some people search engines, some public database searches, a quick check of some voter records

and of course what wouldn’t be complete with a quick visit to the dark web to put the icing on the cake.

Now we have the whole picture. But lets make it a little more interesting….. Lets post a photo of you,

your home address along with a picture of you home on a Twitter page encouraging people to come to

your home and express how they feel about your profession. Sound to crazy to be true?

I located this exact post on a known anti-law enforcement twitter page. The post had been up for 2 days

with no one from the agency aware I assisted with the removal of the post as well as removing the

image of the Officers home from Google within 24 hours. We then began removing everything we could

as fast as we could.

This could have all been prevented had this been done earlier.

Remove your information now so you don’t fall victim to a similar situation or worse.

Hopefully by the end of this talk, you will have the basic knowledge on how to find and remove your

information from the internet. You will also receive every tool and resource that I have to assist you in

doing this.


Julie Lewis, President & CEO, Digital Mountain, Inc.

Julie Lewis, President, CEO and Founder of Digital Mountain, has over 30 years of experience working in the high technology industry and has been a long-time user of social media. One of the key focus areas of her company is on social media investigations, preservations and monitoring. Prior to founding Digital Mountain, Julie worked at VERITAS Software with next-generation storage, security and search companies. At VERITAS, she managed operations for new product releases across sales, marketing, product management, legal, engineering and customer support. Before joining VERITAS, Julie worked in the venture capital and investment banking industries in both the Silicon Valley and Boston areas focusing on the Internet Infrastructure, security and software sectors. In addition, Julie worked for two of the Big 4 accounting firms doing financial and IT auditing, as well as M&A due diligence as a CPA. She also worked for Applied Magnetics, a publicly traded provider of disk and tape drive components. Julie earned an MBA under fellowship from the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College and a BA in both Business Economics and Sociology from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She is a member of the High Tech Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA), American Bar Association, Sedona Conference's Working Groups on E-mail Management and Archiving (WG1) and Data Security and Privacy Liability (WG11), Cloud Security Alliance and has received her EnCE (Encase Certification in Computer Forensics). Julie is founding Director of the Silicon Valley Chapter of Women in eDiscovery and co-author of “The Sedona Conference Primer on Social Media”.

Digital Evidence from Social Networking Sites & Smartphone Apps

Abstract: According to in 2022, the global social penetration rate reached 58.4% percent, with Northern Europe and Western Europe having g the highest penetration rate at 85 percent and 84 percent, respectively.  As of July 2022, 9 in 10 Internet users have social media accounts per Datareportal.  Many technology thought leaders believe social networking will displace traditional email as the leading communication medium.  This presentation will provide a practical walkthrough of preservation of top social media sites and how to effectively utilize tools for evidentiary collection across the Web, PCs/desktops and smart devices. We will look at social media apps on smartphones and what digital evidence exists compared to what can be found on the cloud. We will also explore innovations in emoji/avatar Apps such as Bitmoji.


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East Providence City Hall
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